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The ESTEFAN INSTITUTE was founded in 2013 by Renata Estefan when she decided to bring forward a future project of fighting against the confinement of birds.



With the help of Local Police we are able to rescue birds who were cruelly set apart from their natural environment and whose destiny was to die in a small cage with poor conditions of life, extreme solitude and  mental and physical damage caused by life in confinement. 


But what makes us proud is not only helping  birds to return to freedom but  giving a second change to those who were already born inside cages. These birds are seen as products, to be bought and sold, and are condemned to a life without ever experiencing freedom and happiness. With a life of boredom, mental disorders and extreme loneliness they are wrongly judged as being immune to suffering:  these have become known as the " Cage  Birds."


Cage Birds are birds born into captivity and in order to keep selling them bird suppliers claims that because they have never experienced freedom they do not suffer with confinement. Many  misinformed people easily buy this idea and therefor millions of birds are born everyday with one fate: spend their very long lives trapped inside a cage.


 Those are some of the most commom symptons  life in confinement inflicts :

Self harm and mutilation (   willing to die by plucking their own skin and feathers out ) , claustrophobia, panic attacks, loneliness, madness, profound boredom, stress, depression, apathy,  loss of the will to live, lack of brain stimulation, mental illness, alienation, tedious, nervous behaviour, physical abnormalities, repetitive behaviour, bone deformities, foot cramps, extreme anxiety, frustation, affliction, back pain, bones pain, musculair atrophy, joint pain, heart accelaration, constant fear, obesity, temper trantums, mood swings and constanst frustation.















The Institute works through public education,  cruelty investigation, animal rescue, reports, special events and public campaigns. With the help from generous donations and worldwide support , birds that have been confined to tiny cages and cruel living conditions, have been released free into nature.




First time Little Bold sees a tree in his life. Confined on a crownded cage he was victim of agression by the other  stressed birds.



" birds (...) go off the deep when they are placed in captivity. The resulting frustation, ( Cambridge University Zoologist Dr. James Serpell ) said, lead to abnormalities, like repetitive behavior, in which the bird's head weaves back and forth or in which it shifts constantly from one foot to the other; abnormal grooming in which the bird picks out its feathers and aggressive behavior".

Click on the image to see more pictures of The Libertary

Saint Francis of Assisi created by Renata Estefan, in Brazil, to receive caged birds and give them an alternative life full of dignity, peace and freedom.


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