This collection is the result of combining everything I love and believe in, embracing my fascinations, obsessions and desires. It aims to create a world and a statement that a woman will want to be a part of.

It all began with looking at the work of Oskar Schlemmer and focusing on his perfect use of lines to create forms that depict the shape of the body at its most simplistic, graphic and geometric. The lines, cuts and design of my work express my obsession with classic aesthetics, stories about kings and queens, and for the inexplicable simplicity that lies behind all that is elegant. The inspiration for my choice of fabric came to me when I went home to my country for the summer break. I grew up in a farm, and I am fascinated with the lifestyle of the countryside. I wanted to imbue this atmosphere into the work. The collection uses classic English Tweed in an unconventional way by combining it with luxury white satin fabrics and by pleating the wool in ‘Crystal’, ‘Accordion’ and ‘Butterflies’ styles. The formal severity of the collars, the ties and the white satin combined with the casual feeling afforded by the Tweed, bring life to a fairytale world I have visited in my imagination for as long as I remember.


This collection is 100% free from PVC, leather, fur, skins, angora,cashmere and feathers.